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Do you want to bake delicious sourdough bread without all the stress and confusion?

There's a simple way to get started!

Sourdough Baking 101 is an online course that's designed specifically for beginners, or for those who have tried before without success.
You don't need to scour the internet and try to piece together a process, and you won't need to guess whether you're doing it 'right' or not!
This course has everything you need in one place in an easy to follow format, with one on one support to help you every step of the way.
This proven, simple method works! 

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You've imagined every little detail...

The heavenly fresh baked aroma, the chewy delicious texture, the crunch of the's all come together, and now the moment is finally here.

As you proudly whisk that golden baby out of the oven, the whole family is mesmerised by the crackling golden crust...

and they can't wait to taste a slice of your masterpiece.

You hold them off just long enough for your loaf to cool a little, and then the moment of truth arrives...

As you pass around the slices your fears begin to creep it cooked through, what does it taste like, has all the effort been worth it?

You hold your breath as they bite through the crispy crust.

They begin to smile and even better...

   They want more!

It looks like your status as chief sourdough baker in your household is decided.

But how do you get this dream to become a reality when you're at the beginning of your sourdough journey?

With so much information out there, it can be confusing and frustrating.

Take some flour, water, and salt. Mix it together...and Voila!

Supposed to be simple right?

When I first started trying to bake sourdough, I quickly found that most recipes out there only had bits and pieces of the the process.

And when I tried to put them together, I failed miserably because sourdough is not a one size fits all kinda thing. 

There were so many different ways to make sourdough, and each recipe seemed to be different. I didn't know what I was doing, but it was obvious I needed to learn more about how it all works before I could see some success.

It took me a while to catch onto this fact, but how I wish I had known this in the beginning. It would have saved me so much time and money...and let's not mention the growing pile of frisbees and doorstops I was accumulating!

To be honest, it was a little embarrassing. I'd been teaching baking classes for years, so I thought I would get the hang of sourdough baking a lot quicker.

I decided some serious investigation was needed, and I was determined to simplify the process so that anybody could get great results without going down the path I did.

I knew that if I wanted to master sourdough baking, I had to start from the beginning again and just stick to one method and one recipe.

Trying to mash all the bits and pieces from the internet was getting me nowhere. 

It turns out, that was the secret to my success.

After persevering and refining my own method of making sourdough, 

I formulated an easy to follow process that has now been taught to hundreds of happy bakers.

Hi, I'm Sharon

Sourdough can be so confusing when you first start out, I've experienced that first hand. 

But once I'd simplified the process I realised it didn't have to be that way.

My years of teaching others to make beautiful sourdough, has proven that you can have success right from the start, as long as all the information you need is clearly explained, and in one place. 

Seeing the smiles and satisfaction on faces as a golden crusty loaf emerges from the oven has been a joy, and with my background as a Food Technology teacher, there is no greater sense of satisfaction than being able to share this skill with so many.

It's an experience I love being a part of.


How amazing would it be to have a fully supported step-by-step course, where you could be guided through the whole process so you could bake your own delicious handcrafted sourdough bread at home?

Introducing Sourdough Baking 101

A simple to follow, step-by-step course

that will shortcut your path to baking that first amazing crusty loaf of sourdough.

 My easy method for making delicious sourdough bread has worked for hundreds of people who are now great sourdough bakers in their own right.

It's the perfect course so you don't have to work it out on your own. 


Step-by-step - You will be guided from the very beginning to know exactly where to start through the pre-recorded video tutorials. 

Expert advice - You no longer have to waste hours searching forums, getting poor advice. I am here to help you anytime. 

Personalised support - Get stuck with a technique, ask me anything and I will answer you personally. 

Confidence boosting - The next time you want to bake a loaf of sourdough, you'll know you can do a great job because the key to your success, in addition to the skills you’ll learn, is that you’ll gain the confidence you need to bake amazing bread over and over again. 

Addictive - You, your family and your friends will be hooked when you cut into your first loaf, smell the goodness and take your first bite.

 Unlimited access - Need to take a break from baking? Don't worry, you can come back anytime with unlimited access. Learn at your own pace and re-visit whenever you need to, the course will be here for you anytime you like. 

Here's what others are saying about the course...

Everything you need is in one place...

Lesson 1

From the beginning, we are going to explore the ingredients, the equipment and everything you need to know to start baking delicious sourdough bread.

In this lesson we also cover how you can adapt what you already have without having to buy any special equipment.

We also learn how to prepare your sourdough starter so it's ready to bake with, and the importance of temperature when it comes to your starter and your dough.

Lesson 2

Let's bake the bread! 

My easy to follow video tutorials make it simple to know what to do each step of the way.

No guessing and no stressing.

I will take you through the entire process of mixing your dough, right through to proving, shaping, scoring and finally the best part, the baking. 


Lesson 3

Fitting sourdough into a busy schedule.

There's plenty of ways you can tweak the process to fit baking sourdough into a busy day. 

I'll take you through all the tips and tricks so you can keep on baking sourdough, even when you are busy.

Plus you'll also get these amazing bonuses

Bonus Resources

Record keeping journal: Tracking your progress and keeping records each time you bake is so valuable when you're first starting out. It's the perfect way to really help you to understand the process.


Bonus Sourdough Recipe Tutorials

After you've mastered baking some amazing sourdough bread, more video tutorials for more sourdough recipes are available in your library so you can expand your repertoire.

You'll love the flavour combinations you can create by adding just a few more ingredients, and have fun exploring different ways to shape your bread!


An exclusive Facebook Community

Come and hang out in our private Facebook community where we can enjoy our sourdough baking journey together.

Our community is where you can share your masterpieces, ask for help and get lots of inspiration and ideas. 



You have unlimited access to the course.


Choose to start straight away, or come back to it whenever you like.  

  Easy to follow, step-by-step videos that show you exactly what your dough should look like at each stage of the process Valued at $297

 Printable eBook with recipes and reference guides to help you execute and improve your sourdough baking Valued at $19

 Access to our private Facebook group where you can get support, show off your bread, ask for help and gets lots of inspiration Priceless

 Unlimited access to all course materials, including any updates for free. So you can go at your own pace and revisit lessons as often as you need.

 Bonus record keeping journal and troubleshooting guide Valued at $19

 Bonus video lessons with more sourdough recipes so you can extend your sourdough baking repertoire Value at $79 

Total value: $414

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As soon as you enroll, you'll have instant access to the Sourdough Baking 101 course and the bonuses. 

Why should I sign up now?

It will save you time and money in the long run.

Sourdough Baking 101 has everything you need in one place, combined with personalised support. 

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Unlimited access

The course is yours to use forever.

There is no time limit to access the course. You can watch the video's anytime you like, over and over again.


Not sure if Sourdough Baking 101 is for you?

This course IS for you if...

  • You are new to sourdough baking and want to know all the secrets from the start...No doing it the hard way for you! 


  • You've tried baking sourdough before but it didn't turn out as expected.


  • You want to create bread that is kinder to your digestive system


  • You've been making sourdough bread for a while but would like to improve your knowledge and skills.

This course is NOT for you if...

  • You can already bake consistently good sourdough. This course is for beginners, or those who need a little help to improve their sourdough baking by honing their skills.


  • You are on a gluten free diet. This course uses wheat flour to make sourdough bread. Whilst sourdough bread made with wheat may contain less gluten than regular yeasted bread, it's not gluten-free. Sourdough bread is not suitable if you have coeliac disease or are on a gluten free diet.


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