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This exclusive membership is perfect for you whether you're new to baking, or are more experienced and want to develop a deeper understanding of the science of baking.

With personalised help and access to recorded and live classes, you'll make all kinds of beautiful baked treats that you've only ever dreamed of.

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Sourdough Baking 101


This is a fantastic interactive online course that will teach you how to bake beautiful sourdough bread.

It features pre-recorded step-by-step video tutorials so you can get started baking sourdough right away, plus loads of support so you can make beautiful sourdough in no time.

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Botanical Soap Making Course


Stop dreaming of those beautiful handmade soaps and learn how to easy it is to make them yourself in this easy to follow course.

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Simple Dairy & Cheesemaking Course


This is a beautiful course to begin your cheesemaking journey. 

Yoghurt, Labneh, Ricotta, Paneer, Buttermilk Ricotta, Cultured Butter, Sour Cream, a simple farmhouse style many more. 

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Haloumi Cheese Making Course


If you love salty, squeaky Haloumi, this course is for you.

Using my method you can make your own homemade Haloumi Cheese in just a few hours...and most of that time is spent waiting, so it's perfect to fit in around a busy schedule!

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Persian Fetta Cheese Making Course



Delicious creamy Persian Fetta is so easy to make. 

It's perfect for beginners, or for the cheese maker looking to expand their repertoire! 

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Quick Mozzarella Cheese Making Course


This is such a fun cheese to make.

Follow my easy instructions and in less than an hour you will have a fridge full of delicious mozzarella ready to use on your favourite dishes!

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Introduction to Fermenting


Find out how easy it is to make your own probiotic fermented foods in this fun class. 

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Shortcrust Pastry Workshop

This workshop is a replay from a past live event. 

Learn how to make savoury flaky pastry and sweet shortcrust pastry from scratch.

You'll learn all the tips and tricks to prevent fillings from leaking, pastry shrinkage, and the dreaded soggy bottoms!

Once you've mastered the pastry we then move onto baking a delicious Roasted Vegetable Galette and a gorgeous Lattice Topped Apple Pie

✨ As a'll also have access to my Sweet Flaky Pastry Class and my Jumbleberry Galette class.

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