Haloumi Cheese Making Course

Welcome fellow Haloumi lover. 

Have you ever noticed that Haloumi seems to have a cult following?

When I ask people what their favourite cheese is, Haloumi always wins hands down...so you're in good company here!

There's no mistaking that salty and squeaky texture, and no matter how you like to eat it...we're all united in our love for it.

Now imagine having a fridge full of beautiful handmade Haloumi, and never having to buy expensive tiny packets from the store again. 

You don't need to have made cheese before to take this course. By following my easy step by step videos, you'll gain the skills and confidence to make haloumi whenever you like. 

Cheese has been made for thousands of years by people who have zero formal training, and the best news is, Haloumi is one of the easiest cheeses to master...and by the end of the course you will know how to make it too!

All you need is animal milk, rennet and granulated sea salt and you are on your way to enjoying your own gourmet Haloumi, at a fraction of the cost of store bought versions. 

It only takes a few hours to make, and most of that time is spent waiting, so it's a perfect cheese to make if you have a busy schedule.

This course is for you if...

  • You like Haloumi cheese
  • You  love Haloumi cheese
  • You worship Haloumi cheese

And then of course there's the sensible things like...

  • You want to save money
  • You want to learn how to become more self- sufficient in the kitchen

NOTE: The recipes in this course are not suitable for plant based milks. 

Once you complete this quick online course you'll be filling your fridge with your own homemade haloumi to share with your family and friends.

I even guarantee it with my money back guarantee!

What's inside the course:

  • Instant access to step by step video instructions on how to make your Haloumi Cheese 
  • Downloadable recipe and resources eBook with written instructions that go hand in hand with the videos 
  • Full personalised support to help you achieve your haloumi dreams. I'm here to answer any questions you have, or to help you through any problems you may encounter
  • My years of experience teaching people just like you to make delicious cheese. 
  • Bonus 'Whey, too good to throw away' eBook so you can make some super healthy & delicious treats with the left over whey from your cheese making 

What you'll need...

You'll most likely have all the equipment needed to make cheese in your cupboards, and the most of the ingredients are available at any supermarket.

  • Milk (any animal milk cow/goat/sheep, rennet & sea salt
  • A pot, slotted spoon, small jug, large knife or spatula
  • Cheesecloth or chux
  • Some inexpensive cheese baskets (supplier link provided) 
  • Food thermometer (any kind of thermometer that can be inserted into milk like a candy, coffee frothing or digital probe style thermometer)

A full equipment and ingredients list with links to suppliers is provided in the notes from the course. 

What People Are Saying:

I have loved all the Little River Kitchen classes I have done, particularly the soap and cheese making which I continue to successfully make at home many months later. Sharon provides relaxed, informative and very enjoyable courses. Her helpful, friendly manner ensures that you come away from the sessions with a wealth of knowledge, newly acquired skills and a warm fuzzy feeling of having done something good for yourself.

Kathy Johnson

Learn how to make Haloumi today for $59.00

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Haloumi is the true entertainers cheese. My ultimate haloumi recipe book will help you to make good use of your freshly made haloumi.