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Do you love baking, but don't always get the results you were expecting?


We've all experienced this at some point, and most of the time we've been left scratching our heads wondering what went wrong.  

Even after following a recipe to the letter, you've ended up with sunken middles in your cakes, breads that turned out like bricks, or tarts where the filling leaked out of the base!

It can be so frustrating, especially if you don't know what went wrong.

Imagine if you could bake scrumptious breads, cakes, pastries & more, armed with an arsenal of skills and the confidence to create great bakes every time.

It is possible!



Little River Kitchen Baking Academy

An exciting



that will transform the way you bake!


Designed for home bakers of all levels of experience. 

Whether you're new to baking, hung up your apron a while ago, or you'd like to push your skills to new heights.

LRK Baking Academy will help you bake all kinds of beautiful bakery treats that you'll be proud to show off to your family and friends. 

No more wasting valuable time and ingredients, or wondering what went wrong.


What's inside LRK Baking Academy?

There are already lots of baking masterclasses in the members library and when you join you get instant access to all of the past classes valued at over $3000!!

Then every month after you join, 2 new exciting baking classes are released and added to your library. 

But, these aren't your typical classes where you just follow along with a recipe!

They're masterclasses that guide you through every step of the process, including the explanation of why the ingredients and the techniques work together to get best results. 

By the end of each class, you'll have a delicious baked treat to share with your friends and family and the confidence to repeat it perfectly time and time again!


Inside LRK Baking Academy you'll make...


Breads | Cakes | Cookies | Pies | Tarts | Scrolls | Buns | Pastries

and so much more...


All classes are recorded so you  bake in your own time and at your own pace.


Join in with
Plus...go into the draw to win the 
valued at $100



Hi I'm Sharon, master baker from Little River Kitchen.

How many times have you heard people say that baking isn't for everybody?

Well, I've always believed that anybody can bake.

Yes, there's an element of learning involved, but once you understand the fundamentals, you can really begin to increase your confidence as you develop your baking style.

This is when the fun really begins and your creativity can really shine.

Each class inside LRK Baking Academy is designed to equip you with a full set of baking skills.  And, with my background as a Food Technology teacher with a degree in Education, I'll expertly guide you through each stage.  

As a member you'll get unlimited access to 


valued at over $3000! 

PLUS...every month after you join, 2 new exciting classes are released!!

‚≠ź JOIN TODAY FOR JUST $47! ‚≠ź

Membership Options 


Easy Monthly Payments


  • Instant unlimited access¬†to a huge back catalogue of baking masterclasses so you can start baking straight away (valued at over $3000)
  • 2 new classes¬†every month teaching you new tips and techniques to help you build your baking skills and confidence¬†
  • Printable recipe cards
  • Personalised support to guide you on your baking journey
  • Exclusive¬†access to our member only FB community with¬†live baking sessions¬†&¬†prize draws
  • Your membership price is locked in - even if there is a price increase your membership fee will never change whilst you're a continuing member
  • Cancel anytime

Pay Annually & Get 2 Months Free


  • Get 2 months free when you pay annually¬†(save $94)
  • Locked in low price for life¬†
  • Instant unlimited access to a huge back catalogue of baking masterclasses so you can start baking straight away (valued at over $3000)
  • 2 new classes¬†every month teaching you new tips and techniques to help you build your baking skills and confidence¬†
  • Printable recipe cards
  • Personalised support to guide you on your baking journey
  • Exclusive¬†access to our member only FB community with¬†live baking sessions¬†&¬†prize draws
  • Your membership price¬†is locked in -¬†even if there is a price rise your membership fee will never change whilst you're a continuing member¬†
  • Cancel anytime

Become A VIP Member


  • No monthly or yearly payments, just a one off payment for¬†unlimited access¬†¬†
  • Instant access to a huge back catalogue of baking masterclasses so you can start baking straight away
  • 2 new¬†classes¬†every month teaching you new tips and techniques to help you build your baking skills and confidence¬†
  • Printable recipe cards
  • Personalised support to guide you on your baking journey
  • Exclusive¬†access to our member only FB community with¬†live baking sessions &¬†prize draws
  • Bonus Sourdough Baking 101 course valued at $450
  • Bonus -¬†Free downloads of all my current and future recipe ebooks

Words from our members...

"Being a member has taught me so much! I always thought I was an ok baker, but the Academy has pushed me out of my comfort zone to bake things I would never have dared to try!

I love the Live video classes. They feel really personal. If you can't get to the live online classes then you can catch up with the videos in the academy.¬† We are never too old to learn new things and I have certainly learnt a lot since joining and cooked so many yummy things, just ask my grandchildren ūüėĄ

I love the friendliness of the Academy. Everybody is so helpful and encouraging. Sharon is always there to offer any help and advice we need and help us in our journey to become better bakers. I love being a member of the LRK Academyūü•į"

Sue G.

“It’s not just recipes, it’s a network of support from Sharon and her team down to everyone in the Facebook group that encourages and helps you. I would never have tried the star bread or the roulade on my own.

Wow when I think of the things I have made.

I love the support in the Facebook group and the instruction and the videos give you the courage to give it a go, they are easy to follow. It‚Äôs a place to grow as a baker with support and help.‚ÄĚ ūüíĖ

Linda W.

What you'll be baking 

Once you've enrolled, you'll access a treasure trove of baking lessons. Just log in to the LRK Baking Academy website to enter your virtual kitchen.

Enjoy immediate unlimited access to a complete library of amazing classes so you can learn to bake at your own pace.

Get ready for a delectable journey!


Mouthwatering Muffins & Cupcakes

Whether it's delicate light and fluffy cupcakes or moist and tender quick mix muffins...we have a huge selection of recipes and classes to choose from.

Filled and topped with delicious frostings, curds and caramels of course!

Bake Perfect Macarons

Macarons are known to be finicky but success will be easy with my step-by-step video classes. 

Both the French & Swiss Macaron methods are covered so you can experiment and see which one is your favourite.

These classes include all my best tips on perfecting macarons...you'll be a macaron maestro in no time!

The Best Cookies

Are you ready to sink your teeth into Orange & Pistachio Vienesse Fingers, or Lemon Crinkle Cookies? How about Fudgy Double Choc Chip Cookies or Orange & Cranberry Shortbread Cookies?

A world of cookie baking wonder awaits you and all the lucky people you'll share these treats with.

Danish Pastries & Donuts

Rival the best bakeries with Danish pastries filled with custard and peaches...or try the cinnamon and chocolate pinwheels for a delicious twist. Once you know how to make Danish pastry you can turn it into a multitude of pastries.

And, if you love donuts, we have the softest most mouthwatering donuts you'll ever experience. There's no comparison to store bought donuts after you've tried our version.

Cakes | Simple To Extravagant

Bake delicious show stopping cakes from scratch.

Never buy a cake box mix again. 

My cake classes include everything you need to know to bake the most amazing cakes. 


Pies & Tarts For Every Occassion

Pies and tarts have a bit of a reputation for being a but tricky to master.

By diving into the science of pie dough and mastering the art of the perfect pie and tart crusts, you'll discover shortcuts and techniques that make tart and pie making a breeze.

Our classes provide the perfect balance to encourage and engage bakers to go beyond the boundaries so you can let your creativity soar. 

Become A Master Bread Baker

Once you learn the fundamentals of bread baking you'll never bake a brick or a dense loaf again. 

Whether you prefer soft sandwich loaves or crusty artisan style breads...you'll be baking bakery style loaves, scrolls, babka's and more with my our indepth bread baking classes.

Choux Pastry 

You only need to learn how to make choux pastry once...then you can use it to make all kinds of gorgeous treats.

Light, airy and crisp, cream puffs or profiteroles are a favourite the world over. Typically filled with chilled vanilla pastry cream, they make a delicious treat for any occasion.

Using my fail proof recipe I share my tips and techniques to making choux pastry, and how to pipe, decorate and assemble choux to create profiteroles, eclairs and delectable individual paris brest pastries.


Meringue is deceptively simple, but once you know the basics you can create sweet magic with meringue cookies, pavlovas, pies, tarts, roulades and even dacquoises.

Meringue can be spooned onto pies or piped into any number of beautiful shapes. It can be whipped into silky frostings, or folded into cakes to make them fluffier. 

We cover it all in LRK Baking Academy

Savoury...not sweet!

Not every bake has to be sweet...we also have a lovely collection of savoury bakes to keep a little balance in your life. 

Herbed Cheese Star Bread, Pumpkin & Ricotta Quiche, Pizza Scrolls and Vegetarian Galettes and more.

Frostings & Fillings

Satiny smooth buttercream, fruit curds, decadent chocolate ganache and perfect silky smooth creme patissier.

A good frosting, icing or filling is the perfect finishing touch to your bakes. 


Christmas Baking At It's Best!

Christmas is a special time in LRK Baking Academy.

It's when we as bakers shine...and with a huge collection of edible Christmas gifts and bakes for the table, you're family and friends are going to love you. 

We have a huge range of Christmas baking classes and each year we add to the collection with our annual Christmas Bake-A-Thon...it's not to be missed. 

Become the confident baker you've always wanted to be

As a member you get unlimited access to personalised support from Sharon to help guide you through any baking challenge.


Some beautiful bakes from our LRK Baking Academy Members


Baking is so much more than just whipping up a cake or bickie,

it’s a way to connect with our loved ones and those around us.

Maggie Gaye - Member since 2022

“I have to be honest I joined LKR by accident as I saw a post on either Instagram or Facebook for a bootcamp, I thoroughly enjoyed the bootcamp and when my chai cupcakes and raspberry muffins turned out as you said, I was like omg I can cook!

After that bootcamp I joined the Academy on a monthly subscription, did the Christmas Bake-A-Thon and pretty quickly realised I had found a happy place.

This is why I love the classes. When I'm well I watch the live class and it’s just like being in a class room, but when I’m not having a good day I can watch the replay when I'm ready. I have so much more confidence in my baking that I don't hesitate anymore to bake for friends or family when I’m told bring a plate.

I made my granddaughters first birthday cake (using the vanilla cake recipe) something I never dreamt of doing for my kids. I love the feeling I get when I learn the smallest of things and I have learnt so many since joining. I also love that I can bake with my granddaughters too.

I am so pleased that I became a lifetime member, its honestly the best money I've ever spent. I look forward to this year‚Äôs classes and as I write this email, I can smell the banana chocolate hazelnut cake in the oven.‚ÄĚ

These classes are

so much more than a recipe...


Whether you're new to baking, or you want to develop a deeper understanding,

you'll learn so much as each class meets you wherever you are in your baking journey.


Each class covers the key components to get consistently great results!

Baking Fundamentals

Develop the foundational skills and techniques you need to become a confident and well-rounded baker, including how to precisely follow a recipe to achieve a professional result.

The Science Of Baking

Don't be daunted by the word science. 

Understanding how sets of ingredients work together, and how different techniques produce different results is the key to becoming an intuitive baker. 

Substitutions & Improvisation 

At one point or another, we all find ourselves missing a key ingredient in a recipe. You'll learn how to substitute ingredients and improvise with what you have, so you can make something delicious no matter what’s in your pantry.

Modifying Existing Recipes

Create original bakes as you learn how to modify recipes based on your own taste and creative style.

Assembly & Presentation

We eat with our eyes, so creating bakes that are both delicious and visually striking is important. 

You'll learn how to assemble, decorate, and present breads, cakes, pies & cookies so that they look as good as they taste.

Develop Your Bakers Intuition

We break down the role of every ingredient in a recipe and learn what each contributes to the flavor, texture, and taste.

Understanding leaveners, binding agents, and sweeteners will help guide you as you develop as a baker.

Great baking starts with understanding the 'WHY' and that's what LRK Baking Academy is all about.


ūü•£Troubleshoot any baking problem (like that sunken cake!)

ūü•£Understand ingredients and how they work so you can make substitutions

ūü•£Confidently make classic desserts with pro techniques

ūü•£Create patisserie-worthy bakes



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